Introduction to Gospel Secure Data Platform

Gospel's Secure Data Platform is a totally trusted, shared data layer which enables enterprises to extend their security perimeters into the companies with whom they need to work. It provides an immutable, auditable history of all read or write access to your data using our patent­-pending Consensus­-on-­Read technology.

This document provides an architectural and conceptual overview of the product. It aims to give detailed information on how to define, store and access data in Gospel from both our UI and the API. It also contains information about designing good data schemas within Gospel and how optimal design differs from that of a traditional database or other stores.

 It assumes that you have already set up or been given access to both a Gospel network and a Gospel CA.


This guide is aimed at system administrators or those tasked with configuring and maintaining their Gospel instance. 


The following text conventions are used in this guide:

Go to DashboardIndicates graphical user interface elements associated with an action
Add permissions pop-up windowIndicates pop-up window or page title
Indicates commands or code examples





To draw your attention to certain information, the sections are marked as a note, info, tip or warning.