Create Certificates for Salesforce Lightning Connector

A CA-Signed Certificate is required for each user. The certificate contains details of authority, assurance and the required permissions for a user to view the data. 

On this page, you can create a new public-private key pair and a certificate request which can be downloaded and then sent to a certificate authority to be signed.

To create a certificate:

  1. In the quick access menu () > select Service Setup
  2. Locate the Certificate and Key Management option under Security, or type Certificate and Key Management in the Quick Find box, then select Certificate and Key Management.
  3. Select Create CA-Signed Certificate.
  4. A unique certificate is generated using a combination of information provided in the fields.Enter the following information.
    • Label: Enter a label to help you identify the certificate.
    • Unique Name: Enter a unique name. 
    • Type: CA-Signed (non-editable field)
    • Key Size: Select a key size for your certificate and keys.
    • Exportable Private Key: Ensure that this option is selected, else, your private key isn’t included with certificates you export to a keystore.
    • Common Name: The user's email address to the Gospel account. 
    • Email Address: The email address associated with this certificate.
    • Company: The name of your company
    • Department: The department/group of the company to which the user belongs and for which this certificate is being generated. For example, Admin or Sales.
    • City: The city in which the company resides
    • State/Province:  The state in which the company resides
    • Country Code: The two-letter country code corresponding to the country the company resides in. For example, for the United Kingdom the country code is GB.
  5. Click Save to generate a Certificate Signing Request.

Next Steps

  1. On the Certificate and Key Management page, select Download Certificate Signing Request to download the file in .csr format
  2. Send the certificate request to be signed by the Gospel CA for your environment
  3. When you receive the signed certificate you have to import the certificate. Select Upload Signed Certificate.
  4. On the Upload a Signed Certificate page, click Choose file to select the certificate file and click Save to complete the upload process