Record Definition

A Record Definition can be defined as the schema that represents the logical view of the entire dataset. This is achieved by creating fields which enable organising data in the form of individual records and enforcing the validations, constraints and conditions to be applied to the data. 

A record definition does not contain any data or information. It only defines the "structure" in which data can be organised.

This is illustrated in the following image:

  • Record Definition: The schema/structure of the record definition is created based on the columns available in the source file. 
  • Constraints: For example,
    • At the record definition level, only administrators can view/modify the record definition.
    • At the field level, all users in the Finance group can view the data in the Phone field. However, only the current user has permission to write/modify the data in the field.
  • Condition: The First Name and Last Name fields are mandatory fields. The Date of Birth field must be of the Date datatype.