Gospel configuration

This page allows superadmins to change client level configuration, including who is an admin and/or superadmin. The global score threshold is also set from this page. This is the minimum number of points to be allocated to a transaction for the network to accept it. Higher scores may be set at field or record level for sensitive data.

To configure the Gopel configuration, go to, Dashboard > Settings > Gospel config

Manage permissions

  • Admins can create new record types, triggers and watchers. No particular permission over created objects is inferred - Gospel has no "root" user.
  • Superadmins can decide who is an admin as well as update keystore certificates and the global score threshold. 

Click thebutton to add admin permissions. The Manage admin permissions box displays. On this screen, you have to first select to "identify users" to whom the permission is applied, and then, select "what" permission should be applied: 

  • Identify users:

    • Allow all users to: Select to apply permissions to all users on the system
    • Allow a group of users to:  Select to apply permissions only to users that are a member of the group (Group name field)
    • Allow a specific user to: Select to apply permissions only to specific users
  • What permissions:

    • act as admin: Selected users have admin permissions
    • act as super admin: Selected users have super admin permissions
    • act both as admin and super admin: Selected users have both admin and super admin permissions. 

Click Save to save and apply the settings. You can clickto delete permission settings.

Manage organisation configuration

Global score threshold: The threshold is the amount of score required to authorize operation on Gospel. If the score is set to 0, it is effectively disabled.

Intermediate certificate and Keystore certificate

You can modify the certificate by selecting the  option. The Manage Cert box displays. Paste your certificate and click Save to apply the changes. The following details of the certificate is displayed.

  • Company and Username The details of the company and username provided when creating the certificate
  • Valid from and Valid until: The current certificate validity period