Sign transaction

When making changes to the Gospel platform, the transaction (proposal for change) may need approval from multiple users on the system. This is done by requesting users to sign the transaction. The change is implemented only when all the users have signed the transaction, else the transaction is in pending status or is rejected.

To view and sign transactions, go to, Dashboard > Settings Sign transaction. This page lists all the pending transactions that require the current user's signature. 

Pending transactions

Displays the list of pending transactions. View the details of the transaction, and select a transaction from the table.

Key to sign with

Apply the key using which the transaction is signed. The options are:

  • Use my current Gospel login ( / GospelTest): Select to sign the selected transaction with your current Gospel certificate and key.
  • Use this certificate and key: Select to provide the certificate and private key using to be used to sign the transaction.

Your private key is not sent to the server and the signing is done in the browser.

Displays if the selected transaction, applied certificate and key satisfy the principal for this transaction.