Sign in to the Gospel Data Platform

The Gospel Data Platform provides a user interface to manage your records, configure the system, monitor user activity, and other features. 

Depending on your setup the options displayed on the screen may vary.

Logging in

To log in to the Gospel Cloud UI, point your browser at the URL of the UI for your Gospel network. You can also pass an argument via the URL in the form `?client=` - It will attempt to take you to the relevant client, and default back to the login page if it can't find it.

If you have more than one namespace set up, you will first be asked to specify the one to which you wish to log in:

Once you have done this, if multiple sources of identity have been set up you will be asked to select one, otherwise, you are redirected straight to the sign-in page for the one that is preselected. For example, this is how the LDAP/AD sign-in looks:

Enter your login details and click "Login". You may then be asked to enter details for the "source of assurance" application running in your environment, for example, this could be a multi-factor authentication code or to enrol in MFA depending on the configuration of the server.

If you click Skip sign up for now, you will be logged in to the system but may experience restricted access to data.

On successful authentication, you are redirected to the Dashboard which displays real-time results regarding the activities on your system.