Download certificate and private key

A valid certificate and private key ensure that all data transfers between the client and Gospel remain secure. They are required when connecting to Gospel using LedgerBridge Connector, Watcher subscriber or other third-party tools. 

To download a certificate and private key for the current session, go to the Dashboard > Tools > Certificate Tools page. Click the Download Certificate to save the file (*.pem) or click Download Private Key (*.pem) to save the files to a location of your choice. 

The certificate and private key have a validity period limited it to the current Gospel session. Ensure that the files you are using are valid for the current session.

  • If you are using the certificate and private key to connect to Gospel using the LedgerBridge Connector or Watcher subscriber, ensure that you save the files in the recommended location. Refer to LedgerBridge Connector and Watcher subscriber documentation for more information.

Ensure that you keep your private key safe to prevent compromising the security of your data in Gospel.