Understanding the schema diagram

The schema diagram provides a graphical representation of the organisation and structure of the objects in the Gospel platform. It allows you to view the logical configuration of all or parts of the platform. It indicates how the data is organized and how the entities relate to one another, including tables, views and triggers.

To view the schema diagram, go to, Dashboard > Tools > Schema diagram (BETA)

On this page you can view the following:

  • Show: Select from the drop-down. The page updates based on the selected options (Record types, Views and Triggers)
  • Show orphans: Show/Hide orphaned record definitions (components that have no "parent" to which its data is associated with)
  • Show details: Displays the fields and field types that exist in the record definition. 
  • Use the mouse/mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Zoom in to view the details of the record definition
  • Click and drag the object to move it to a different part of the screen

The following image displays the options available: