Using consent link builder

A consent link is designed to indicate consent for sharing data. It provides a facility for the collection of consent for sharing personal information with third parties. 

For example, National Motors Corporation has records for its employees in a record named Employees. User John Smith has started employment with the company and a record is added to the database with his information. As a company policy for new users, ACME Corporation (a health insurance company) provides optional benefits which require access to John Smith's medical information to sign him up to the medical plan. 

Using a watcher an email notification is sent to John Smith containing the consent link requesting access to his medical records. When clicked, the consent link is redirected to Gospel and the user is prompted to explicitly provide consent to share their data, which is recorded on the blockchain. The ACME Corporation is now allowed to view John Smith's health data. 

Once you have generated the consent link, you can create a watcher to send the consent link to specific users using the email action


Consent links are generated from records stored in Gospel, therefore, when creating a record definition, ensure that you meet the following conditions for successfully generating a consent link.

Settings for Record Definitions

  • Field Settings: Field type

A consent link can be set only for record definitions that contain boolean fields. Ensure that you create at least one field of the boolean data type in the record definition. 

The consent link is shared using the watcher feature. Ensure that you have a field that identifies the users in the record definition, so the consent link can be shared with the relevant users (for example, an email address). 

  • Field Settings: Configure permissions 

You need to set the required permissions so when users access the link, they can consent to share their personal information by selecting the check-box. When the user selects the check-box and clicks Submit, the boolean field is set to true in the record definition.

If the user does not have the permission to write to the field, the check-box is not displayed in the URL and therefore cannot give the required consent. 

  • Record Definition settings: Configure context 

For consent builder, the context is set using the field that identifies the user. Set the Parent to Current User and the From Field to a field in your record that contains information that can identify the user (for example, email).

To build a consent link, go to, Dashboard > Tools > Consent link builder. On this page, you can customise the page which contains the consent link. 

The following options are available: 

Record typeRequired. The information in the record to which the user has to give consent so third parties can access the record.
Company NameRequired. The name of the company. Must be between 8-40 characters
Company PolicyRequired. A URL which links to the company's privacy policy or about us page. Must be a valid URL.
Company LogoRequired. URL to an image file that represents the company. Must be a valid URL.
Company DescriptionRequired. A brief description of the company. Must be between 20-150 characters
Boolean field for consent

Required. The boolean fields that exist in the record.

Select the boolean field that should be displayed as a check-box in the consent link.

Pick an iconDisplays the icons you can use to associate with the boolean field

A watcher can be created where conditions and email action can be set and the consent link can be provided in the email content. The below image displays a sample page that was generated using the consent link builder.

When the user selects the Passport details and travel preferences and Medical summary check-boxes and clicks Submit, they give the required consent that enables the third-party to access the records.