User Profile

Every user in the Gospel Data Platform has a profile page which can be accessed from the Dashboard > User.

This page displays the following user-related information:

UsernameDisplays the username of the current user
NamespaceThe namespace to which the user is authenticated
ExpiresThe time and date when the current session expires
Issued atThe starting point of the validity of the certificate

The attributes of an authenticated user's certificate are displayed. They stand for:

  • CN: CommonName
  • CA/OU: OrganizationalUnit
  • O: Organization
  • Ltd/L: Locality
  • ST: StateOrProvinceName
  • C: CountryName
Public keyThe public key generated for authenticating the user to this session
Namespace adminDisplays true if the user is an admin for this namespace
Namespace super adminDisplays true if the user is a super admin for this namespace

Displays the groups in which the user exists